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St. George Island
The Gulf of Mexico, dunes, and beach in front of “Dunescape,” our beach house on St. George Island, Florida.

Thank you for visiting my personal web pages! I have dedicated my adult life and career to the performance, study, research, and teaching of music, specifically flute performance and ethnomusicology/world music.

I invite you to navigate this site to read about my family, my research, my professional career, my publications (in addition, you can listen to audio files that accompany several of my books), unpublished essays and manuscripts, and many of my and Diane’s past adventures that I write about in “Travel Tales and Snapshots” (similar to travel blogs, but written after, rather than during, our travels).

I hope you enjoy my pages, and that they will be learning experiences for you. Primarily, I hope that my Travel Tales and Snapshots will inspire readers to travel and learn about our wonderful world, its natural beauty and its people. Secondly, I would be honored if students and other academics were inspired to build upon my scholarly work. Indeed, all aspects of any research, writing, performance, and other creative endeavors, are but glimpses of people and places in time, and my research and publications should be seen as bridges or springboards to further research by others. Thirdly, my research and life experiences are meant to be not only a permanent record of my work, but also, and more importantly, they are a record of the people and cultures that I have visited, lived among, enjoyed, and developed great love and respect for. Both Diane and I have truly been blessed with our lives filled with love, music, travels, adventures, and much more, for which we praise God and give Him all the glory.  

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